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COVID NOTIFICATION DURING REMOTE LEARNING: If your student has a positive test, or anybody in your family has a positive test while you are remote learning, please email Christine Hain at We must keep track of the quarantine period in the event that we return to school, and Jeffco Public Health must be notified. 

Quarantine Information: If you have more than one student at MPA, and one of them has a class quarantine, your other student may attend school unless they or their sibling at home develops symptoms. 

Pending COVID Tests: Please remember that if either your student OR any household member has a pending COVID test, they must stay at home until the results are in. Also, please get a PCR test if you do need a test. We cannot accept most rapid test results, and you will need to get another test if it’s not a PCR test.

Please make sure when you have a COVID test that it is the PCR. We cannot accept a Rapid test. If you have an alternative diagnosis, the health care provider must be very specific about what it is. 

What are Guidelines for Remote Learning?  Remote Learning is not a drop- in service. We will inform you if your child is eligible to join remote learning on a temporary basis.   Students who will need to be out of school for continuous days due to illness or who are in quarantine will be placed in remote learning. Here is the list of reasons to join remote learning:

Waiting on test results (1-3 days) – Lead  teacher sends home paper & pencil work. 

Quarantine (more than 3 days) – students will report to Erin (LEL) or Todd (UEL), and they will include them in lessons that go with the work they have in progress already from their Lead teacher. The Lead teacher will inform the remote teachers that your child is joining remote learning. The Lead teacher will send home work and materials.  The Lead teacher has informed Erin/Todd what your student is working on (not a class quarantine; just a single student quarantine).

Extended absence (more than 3 days) – same as quarantine

Return to school note for Providers:

Staff or Child Feels unwell:


Return to school guidance (page 2 for level 1 or 2 on the dial):


County Dial Dashboard:

COVID-19 Dial

Conditions on the Health Screening Form If your child exhibits or reports any of the symptoms on the health screening form while at school, you will be called to pick them up immediately.  Included is a major runny nose. (constant flow or needing many tissues in a short time). These symptoms must resolve in 24 hours, or you must see your doctor. Your doctor will guide you from there. If you have a COVID test, but it is negative and symptoms persist, there must be significant improvement before returning to school. 

Mask Hygiene Please remember to keep those reusable masks clean and change out the disposable ones. It’s a good idea to have an extra one.  This will help keep us all healthy!

Are you planning a vacation during the school year? We have a Pre-Arranged Absence form.  Please complete the form prior to your vacation.  This is extremely important so we know that your child is not out sick.   Without this form, you will receive a phone call from MPA each day of your vacation. 

Additionally, if you are leaving the country, you must quarantine for 14 days before you return.

Seasonal Allergies Does your child have seasonal allergies that can cause COVID-like symptoms? It is extremely important that we get a letter from your doctor stating this! We must send children home with symptoms that are not documented.


If you have any questions please contact or 303-972-2627 X220

Illness and Remote Learning
If your student is home ill, they may NOT go into remote learning until you have spoken with Administration. There are guidelines we must follow. The normal time that we consider for remote learning is if your child needs to be out for at least one week. 


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